E-Safety for Children

  • Why Do We Use the Internet?

    The internet is great fun! You can browse websites, play games and learn about almost anything.

    However, it is important to remember that everyone, adults and children, are able to go online. 

    We all have to follow sensible rules to make sure that we stay safe, treat others with respect online and, if necessary, report anything that we think is genuinely unacceptable.


    How Should I Act and Behave Online?

    Click on the links so that you can find out more about e-safety.


    If you are unsure, need help or advice then remember that you can always talk to a trusted adults such as a parent or teacher. Also remember you can always press the ‘report’ button which is on all websites which are safe for children to use.

    Read the information on this website:



    Hector’s World is a series of cartoons aimed at children in Years 1 – 3.

    Hector and his friends learn all about e-safety, why they should stay safe and how they managed this.