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Year 6 Beaumanor Hall Residential

Monday 15th May

The children arrived at school at 8:30am very excited about their first ever school residential. With their (huge) cases packed, they headed off on the coach at 9:15am and arrived at Beaumanor Hall at 10am. 

They dropped off their belongings in their cabins - home for the next 3 days/2 nights and have begun their adventures.


A treasure hunt has taken place and children have eaten their lunch. They are currently learning survival skills in the woods!


We have just eaten a delicious meal of chicken/ vegetarian burgers, chips & salad followed by ice cream or yogurt. 

Murder mystery evening has been a great success. Well done to Hannah’s team for guessing the murderers!


Happy 11th birthday to Melodie! We celebrated with a surprise cake & singing happy birthday 🥳 



More information and photos to follow.

Enjoying their evening meal

Melodie's birthday surprise yesterday

Tuesday 16th May

The day starts for Miss Caseley & Mrs Noone at 4:45am with all the boys awake and raring to go 🥴

Starting the days activities

Climbing and Abseiling

Murder Mystery Evening

A Canoe Journey on the River Soar



We had a fantastic time canoeing along the River Soar. We learnt how to use the paddle correctly to make the canoes go fast/slow/stop/turn around. The scenery was lovely and we saw lots of wildlife. 


Tuesday evening playing games

Hide and Seek in the Cellars!

Wednesday morning group pose outside Beaumanor Hall

Wednesday morning archery