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Special Educational Needs (SEND)

SEND at Slater Primary School

At Slater we want to make sure that every child gets the best support we can offer in order to help them enjoy their learning, feel confident and be happy amongst their friends and make the best possible progress. This is in line with the LA guidance document ‘Inclusive Provision for SEND Pupils in Mainstream Schools’.


Every child has individual needs that will affect their learning. Sometimes children need special support to give them an extra boost or to help them catch up with other children of the same age. They may need this support for a short time or a longer period, but during this time they will be part of our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Register and we will keep a close eye on their progress, look carefully at what special support they need and keep in touch with you.


If you have any queries relating to the type of support we offer in school please contact our SEN Coordinator, Mrs Tessa Wildgoose